Chris Pine teases more of what Cumberbatch's Trek 2 villain ISN'T

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Dec 17, 2012

Khan or not Khan, whoever Benedict Cumberbatch's villain is on the upcoming Star Trek sequel, he'll have a deep impact on James T. Kirk's growth as captain of the Enterprise—and that's what a great baddie does, right? And so says Kirk himself, actor Chris Pine.

In a video interview with MTV, Pine carefully discussed—make that tiptoed around like a ballerina—the upcoming Star Trek sequel and gave praise to J.J. Abrams and his screenwriting dynamic trio—Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof.

"There is so much happening in their script. I can't say much of anything," Pine said. Nothing surprising there.

BUT the actor goes on to tease us about how the writing team dealt with the Enterprise crew's journey:

"What they're so good at is this kind of mythic reinvention. They're really good at writing myth, and these characters—I think what people will find with everybody—is that these characters go on mythic arcs," Pine said. "It's all about growing up. These are young men and young women, and they are not the crew that we know from the series. They're developing into that. It's a long way to go there."

And this is where Benedict Cumberbatch's villain (whose identity is still being kept a secret by all involved, though we can now rule out a couple of baddies Cumby could have been playing, so at least we know who he ISN'T) really comes into play for Kirk:

"It is structured so that the antagonist brings out all of the qualities in Kirk that need to happen in order for Kirk to grow," Pine said. "As you know from Benedict, just watching him, vocally, he's fascinating. He's got this deep resonate voice. He's a fascinating face. He's a lovely guy and just super smart. You want to see something firing in his brain, so he's not just a blood-dripping-from-the-fangs bad guy. Benedict brings those kinds of smarts."

Have a look at the video:

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(via MTV)