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Christian Slater talks Suicide Squad, The Last Jedi, and... toxic work environments?

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Dec 17, 2018, 6:00 PM EST (Updated)

Starting in 2017, Christian Slater became DC Animated's go-to guy to voice Floyd Laughton, aka Deadshot. And his latest foray into occupying the mask of the expert marksman, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, brings him together with the likes of Harley Quinn, Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang, Bronze Tiger, and Copperhead — the current team that is the Suicide Squad.

And under the watchful eye of the ever-manipulative Amanda Waller, going on missions, killing lest they be killed, one thing became very clear — the Suicide Squad is a really toxic work environment!

So we googled "How to survive a toxic work environment" and, lo and behold, found a very useful article on HuffPo by Kassy Scarcia entitled "11 Tips For Staying Sane in a Toxic Work Environment."

And I figured, hey, this might be helpful. So I took the best words of wisdom from that article, shared them with Christian Slater, and together we sussed out how Deadshot might be able to utilize these tips in order to prevent himself from, you know, getting killed.

Oh, and we also talked about Star Wars, because that's what you do when you talk with a man who was once in a Darth Vader playset commercial. But first: self-help guide shenanigans.

1. Don't take work home with you

(NOTE: Floyd Laughton is usually in prison.)

Christian Slater: I think he's got to find some way to shut off, you know, go to the library and pick up some nice easy reading and escapism. He could be digging a hole, you know. It could be a Shawshank Redemption type thing.

2. Have someone to vent to

SYFY WIRE: So, who should Floyd vent to?

CS: I guess the Cobra snake guy (Copperhead), because he couldn't really talk back that much, you know — just being the guy that you would be able to tell, say whatever you want to, but then wouldn't have to worry about him really telling anybody else.

3. Look for the positives

CS: I mean, listen, there's some fun. You get a nice van. Driving cross country, just looking out the window.

SW: Yeah, and if your van breaks down, just steal a bus that had nuns in it.

CS: There you go. There's always a solution.

(REMINDER: This is a movie where comic book villains with bombs inside their heads murder indiscriminately.)

4. Create a positive work environment

SW: How can a man who goes by "Deadshot" create a positive workspace, do you think?

CS: Group meetings. Allowing everybody to share their feelings. You know — just communicating amongst each other. It's kind of an open book situation, and everybody knows what each person's job is. (NOTE: Again, the job is murder.)

SW: Maybe terminate anybody that causes too much trouble?

CS: That's right. But communication skills are certainly a vital aspect of teamwork.

5. Be true to yourself

CS: He (Floyd) is definitely true to himself! He is hardcore, doesn't take any crap. I mean, his attitude is kind of smooth and laid back, he's not the type to get panicked or worked up. He knows who he is, what is mission is, what he has to do in this crazy world that he's living in. But, not, it's [being true to yourself] definitely not an issue for Floyd.

And now, on to other topics...


Did you see The Last Jedi?

Of course!

What did you think?

I enjoyed it, and it was great to see Mark Hamill. I'm still a little hurt that they kill Han Solo in the last one (The Force Awakens). I just don't like seeing my heroes get killed that way. I'm still trying to heal.

I hear you. I grew up watching the originals, too, so it (The Last Jedi) was definitely a hard movie to watch in some ways.

I mean, come on! That was tough! And, I mean, I did like it. I did like Luke's trick at the end. I thought that was pretty good.

Were you a fan of DC comics before you started playing Deadshot?

Of course! DC has always been a part of my life as well. This stuff and Batman has certainly been a cornerstone of my childhood. Just to get to play around in the universe and be a part of it this way was really fun. And it was fun for me to show the movie to my son last night, actually. We were building Legos and he got very excited because he didn't know that I had done it. I think there was a little bit of anxiety for him that I wouldn't be able to pull off Deadshot, because he really knows me and who I really am. He enjoyed the story. I was really excited to show it to him, because it has edge and heart.

And that is that. Our hat's off to Christian Slater, who took questions about office politics as it pertains to homicidal criminals very seriously, and for being the kind of dad who watches adult cartoons with his son while assembling Legos together.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is available to stream now and hits 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD on April 10. Get an exclusive sneak peek below!