Christian Bale sings the Powerpuff Girls theme. No, really.

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Of all the things we expected to see today, footage of the angsty former Bruce Wayne/John Conner breaking into a rendition of the Cartoon Network fave wasn't one of them. Bonus: Mark Wahlberg sings "The Touch."

While doing press for The Fighter, Bale talked about his lack of desire ever to do another musical; that Newsies was it for him. But the song that does rattle around his skull is the theme song from his daughter's favorite movie. And with Bale breaking the musical ice, Wahlberg rips off a little ditty from Boogie Nights—and before that, Transformers: The Movie—"The Touch."

And all is right with the world. Sorta.

(Via Vulture)