Christina Strain pitched a Guardians of The Galaxy comic but as high school girls

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Jan 3, 2018, 10:41 AM EST (Updated)

Longtime Marvel editor Jordan D. White recently made himself available for some fan Q&A action, and the dialogue surfaced one of the most intriguing comics to never make it off the whiteboard.

Marvel artist and writer Declan Shalvey asked White, “Is there a book at Marvel that you’ve never edited but would someday love to?” That’s when Generation X and SYFY’s The Magicians writer Christina Strain chimed in with an answer from left field.

It’s a shame that White and Strain weren’t able to proceed with the reimagined gender bend Guardians of The Galaxy in high school. Strain planned on making Star-Lord and Rocket Racoon girls but keeping Drax the same. This isn’t a totally far-fetched idea.

The squad that makes up the team in the Marvel Universe is far from the original members of the first team that debuted in 1969.  If this was pitched in the early 2000’s when the X-Men: Misfits manga was greenlit, this would be a whole different story.

Would you take a chance on a teenage Guardians of The Galaxy meets Sailor Moon? Don’t wait until after school to share your opinions, post them in comments below.

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