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Christopher Eccleston returns as the Ninth Doctor to congratulate a pair of fans on their wedding

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Sep 10, 2018

Christopher Eccleston has never seemed very keen on returning to Doctor Who in any official capacity, but that doesn't mean he won't dust off the character for something unofficial and romantic.

Over the weekend, a video surfaced of Eccleston in character as The Ninth Doctor, wishing a couple named Liam and Blaine (or "Blaime," as The Doctor ends up calling them) congratulations on their wedding. The exact connection Eccleston has to the couple isn't clear, though the description in the video notes the wedding surprise was arranged by a friend. Another, shorter video for the couple was also filmed by former Who showrunner Russell T. Davies, who sarcastically accuses Blaine of once wanting to marry him before running off to Laim. 

In his video for the couple, Eccleston isn't in costume or standing near any particular hallmarks that would lend themselves to Doctor Who. Instead, he's just standing outside in a garden, but talented actor that he is, he still makes it feel like The Doctor is speaking to you. Taking on the Ninth Doctor's trademark blend of warmth and irritation that can turn on a dime, Eccleston first complains that it's "typical" that "you apes" didn't manage to get him an invite to the wedding, before expressing sincere congratulations.

"My two hearts are beating as one for you both today," he said. "Congratulations on your wedding day, and I won't be there in the blue box, but I will be there in spirit. Have a lovely day."

Eccleston famously had the shortest tenure of any Doctor signed on for an episodic appearance in Doctor Who's long TV history (Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor, starred in a TV movie rather than a series, and has a longer association with the franchise than Eccleston), appearing in just one season as the first star of the revived Doctor Who in 2005. Eccleston left the series over what he now calls a breakdown in relations between himself and his superiors, including Davies, and declined to return for events like the 50th anniversary special Day of the Doctor in 2013. 

That doesn't mean Eccleston has ever been opposed to stepping into The Doctor's shoes for the cause of romance, though. Back in 2015, he appeared in a viral video in which he helped a man surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal, dubbing the man his "assistant" from the TARDIS for just that one moment. Now he's back wishing Blaine and Liam congratulations. If this whole acting thing dries up, Eccleston could just break out the Ninth Doctor's old leather jacket and start making a living officiating weddings. 

Doctor Who returns October 7 with the first episode starring the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

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