Now you can own Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton's superhero costumes

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May 3, 2017, 4:44 PM EDT (Updated)

Though they may now seem like figures from the distant past thanks to years of reboots, there was a time when Christopher Reeve and Michael Keaton were the superhero movie stars ... and for a good many fans they still are.

As a child of the '80s, I feel like Keaton will always be my Batman, despite my deep love of Christian Bale in the role. As for Superman, Reeve is still the reigning king in terms of number of films, and his sunny, boy-scout Man of Tomorrow is often held up as a tonic for the gloom of the Cavill era.

Put simply, both performances still loom large in the superhero landscape.

Now fans of Reeve and Keaton have a chance to own a piece or two of superhero history thanks to a new auction. Nate D. Sanders Auctions has posted both a costume from 1978's Superman: The Movie and a costume from 1992's Batman Returns for bidding.

The Superman lot features the light blue tunic (without tights or cape) worn by Reeve during the film's iconic flight sequences and includes holes in the sides which were used to attach the harness. Bidding starts at $40,000.

The Batman costume is mounted on a display pedestal and includes the original cape, cowl and body suit worn in the film, while the attached gloves, belt, boots and chest emblem are replicas used to complete the costume. Bidding starts at $35,000.

Bidding for both costumes ends on Jan. 26. 

So, who's got what it takes (i.e. cash) to be a superhero of yesteryear? 

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