Lestat from the upcoming Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles series

Christopher Rice teases first episode of The Vampire Chronicles TV series

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May 2, 2018, 9:15 PM EDT

The children of the night are starting to rise.

Since all 11 books of The Vampire Chronicles were officially optioned by Paramount Television and Anonymous Content last year, Anne Rice fans have been anxiously waiting for a glimpse of anything having to do with the series, which will follow elusive glam-vamp Lestat through his immortal existence. And now, it appears the script for the first episode has come into being.

Though little is known about the TV series, we do know it's being executive produced by Rice and her son Christopher Rice, who is also writing the episodes. Bryan Fuller of Hannibal and American Gods is also involved. And we also know that Anne Rice wants the series to start from the shadows of Lestat’s origin story in The Vampire Lestat (which follows Interview With the Vampire) and stalk him through that endless night, “to begin right there and follow the adventures of Lestat through the Chronicles," as she told Bloody Disgusting last yaer.

Just when you thought the undead were still asleep, though, Christopher Rice posted a major Facebook reveal

This is as tantalizing as fresh blood to a vampire. Does an official cover post mean the script for Episode 1 is finished? Possibly. The title, "Wolf Killer," may be telling of the fact that Rice really did mean what she said about letting the series emerge from the darkest depths of Lestat’s backstory.

When Lestat was still human in the wilds of 18th Century France, his village was threatened by wolves. Brazen and fearless even then, he took off and slaughtered them all—which made him very attractive to Nicolas de Lenfent, the young man who would become his lover.

The whole human thing obviously didn’t last long. As Lestat was having the time of his life as the roguish dandy that women swooned over in a Parisian theater, he was attacked by the ancient vampire Magnus, who eventually turned him. Whether or not the episode will venture that far remains a mystery. At the very least, though, the title “Wolf Killer” is in sync with his fierce persona.

Sorry, Twihards, but these vampires don’t sparkle.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)