Christopher Judge reveals why he couldn't work with Bane in TDKR

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

We'd heard months ago that Stargate SG-1 actor Christopher Judge (Teal'c) had booked a gig in The Dark Knight Rises, and on the eve of the film's opening, he has finally opened up to chat about the role—specifically how it changed once he got on set.

In case you didn't know, Judge is a tall guy. Like, 6'3". Apparently he was originally supposed to be working with Tom Hardy, who plays the monolithic, evil baddie Bane.

The only problem? Judge is, like, several inches taller than Hardy, which made him look a bit less intimidating with Judge towering over him. So they tweaked his role.

Here's how he explained it to Gateworld:

"I'm excited to see it! Not that I ever saw a script before the change, but from what I'm told, what you'll see of me is different than what was originally intended. It's basically the same part, but there was a size concern between Tom [Hardy, who plays the villainous Bane in the film] and I. He's like five feet ten inches and I'm like six feet three inches. And Bane is supposed to be this massive dude. So it's still the same part, but it's not with Tom. I was supposed to be in a lot of scenes with Tom. But the change also gave me two more weeks of work on it, so it's all good!"
We still don't know exactly who Judge is playing, but we're dying to find out when the film opens tomorrow.

Who do you think he is?

(Via Gateworld)