Christopher Nolan addresses all those Justice League rumors

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Dec 17, 2012

Christopher Nolan is cutting the cord. He's done with Batman and has no intention of bringing the Justice League to the big screen. He's ready for someone else to take the reins of all things Batman- and DC-related.

Over the weekend, Nolan was out and about promoting The Dark Knight Rises. In an interview, he was asked if he had any plans to tackle the upcoming Justice League movie.

He replied, "No, none at all. We're finished with all we're doing with Batman. This is the end of our take on this character. I've got no plans to do anything more, and certainly, no involvement with any Justice League project."

We're not surprised Nolan was asked such a question. He's producing the Superman reboot Man of Steel, so why wouldn't he give Justice League a shot? Batman is one of the team's senior members. And over the past eight years he's taken the character to a whole other level.

Nolan also confirmed that he won't be involved with any sequels or reboots featuring the Caped Crusader. He's truly done. But he left us with these warm words as a parting gift.

"Batman will outlive us all, and our interpretation was ours. Obviously, we consider it definitive and kind of finished. The great thing about Batman is he lives on for future generations to reinterpret, and obviously, Warners will have to decide in the future what they're going to do with him," Nolan said. "We've had our say on the character.

Are you disappointed Nolan won't be a part of the JLA movie?

(via The Huffington Post)