Christopher Nolan advises next Batman director to ignore him

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Dec 17, 2012

With The Dark Knight Rises doing gangbusters at the box office, it's interesting to look back and remember just how risky Batman Begins really was at the time. So what does The Dark Knight mastermind Christopher Nolan have to say to whoever takes on the iconic hero next?

Though Nolan is considered a genius now, Batman Begins was a major paradigm shift for a superhero who was most recently known for having rubber nipples on his suit.

Offered in a recent podcast conversation with Empire, Nolan's advice for whoever's next in line is definitely interesting, considering the lengthy history of Bruce Wayne over the years:

"The only advice I would have is that ... when I first met with Paul Levitz of DC Comics prior to Batman Begins, he explained to me clearly that Batman, of all superheroes, has thrived on reinterpretation and almost is strengthened by it. And I'm talking about over the years in the comic books but also in the movies. So when the time is right, whenever someone does whatever the next iteration of the character is, they simply need to be true to whatever it is they want to see, to what they believe in, not worry too much about what everyone else is telling them it should be."

It makes a lot of sense, because whoever tackles Batman next will obviously be competing with the cultural impact of Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. But there's still a lot of Batman lore left to mine, and a different version of this story could definitely work in a few years.

Heck, just look at the recent Amazing Spider-Man, which told a similar story in a very different way, as an example of the concept in action.

What do you think? Is Nolan onto something here?

Check out the full audio interview below if you want to hear more of Nolan's thoughts on the legacy of his trilogy:

(Comic Book Movie via Empire)