Christopher Nolan responds to those Heath Ledger/Batman 3 rumors

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Dec 14, 2012

The rumors of Heath Ledger's death were not exaggerated, but the rumors of his upcoming appearance in the next Batman movie are. Writer and director Christopher Nolan has denied the late actor will have a cameo.

IndieWire reports that Nolan spoke to them to:

shoot down reports that he'll resurrect The Joker by including unused footage of Heath Ledger's performance in the previous chapter. "That's all wrong," said the writer-director, who's also producing the next Superman movie, for Zack Snyder to direct.

Nolan did mention that Tom Hardy—one of the supporting characters in his previous venture, Inception—will have an important role in The Dark Knight Rises, but he would not confirm whether Hardy's character was a hero or a villain. He plans to finish the script by January.

Fans of Ledger can take comfort in knowing that his performance of the Joker was too strong to settle for a mere cameo.