Jurassic Park Dennis Nedry and Cryocan

Chronicle Collectibles is hatching an official replica of the Jurassic Park Cryocan

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Dec 17, 2020, 2:50 PM EST (Updated)

Since that scene in Jurassic Park when Dodgson busted out the can of Barbasol he converted into a cryocan for Nedry to collect dinosaur embryos and possibly infest the entire world with them (if he didn’t get eaten by a Dilophosorous first), there has been a swarm of unofficial clones. This is the real deal sans shady Biosyn connections.

Chronicle Collectibles has merged its DNA with Universal Studios and Barbasol to create a screen-accurate prop replica of the deceptive shaving cream can that Dodgson offered to pay the desperate Nedry a ridiculous amount of cash to smuggle out of the park loaded with embryonic monster lizards. They really got this thing right, because it looks like it could fit right in with the denizens of your medicine cabinet. It will even keep the vintage Barbasol design that has evolved since the ‘90s.

This may be the best advertising for Barbasol since they unleashed their dinosaur labels onto drugstore shelves. For more incentive, the original and Soothing Aloe scents each featured different species.

While the Cryocan will open inside to reveal the stolen vials, it isn’t actually cryogenic, and contains no actual shaving cream in case you’re tempted to top off some unfortunate resort guest’s pie with a dollop of what could pass as Cool Whip. It just wouldn’t last 65 million years with those modifications. It does appear to have all the necessary parts of a can that is supposed to pump out shaving cream, though Chronicle hasn’t yet confirmed or denied whether it actually works.

Pre-orders for the aluminum can that ended up being Nedry’s doom will start later this summer, and at around $200, won’t be as steep as what the disgruntled InGen employee expected to get for all that prehistoric protoplasm.

No dinosaur embryos or unwary vacationers were harmed in the making of this replica.

(via io9)

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