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Chronicle Collectibles' new Stargate Fossil replica is one stunning sci-fi prop

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:18 AM EDT (Updated)

Getting tired of the same old collectible busts, statues, and action figures to display in your man cave or girl grotto? Looking for a striking conversation piece sure to spark interest and debate among faithful followers of the Stargate franchise?

How about a huge Stargate Fossil replica prop recreated from a deleted scene in director Roland Emmerich's 1994 Stargate feature film?


Texas-based Chronicle Collectibles has pushed the boundaries of mainstream pop culture mementos with this jaw-dropping Stargate showpiece to adorn your bare walls. Part of the inspiration for this ambitious $999 Stargate Fossil seen in the Stargate Extended Cut was to offer a production-accurate collector's piece of unprecedented size and authenticity.


This 1:2 scale, limited-edition temptation is crafted from premium fiberglass using a detailed 3-D scan of the official screen-used prop of Ra's intermeshed Horus and Anubis Guards. It measures in at a massive 44” by 35”, is approximately 3” to 5” deep in different spots, and can be displayed flat or wall-mounted as in the cult sci-fi flick.


Chronicle Collectibles' Stargate Fossil relief sculpture went on sale today at, and expects to ship in early 2019.

"We've had this piece in mind for years, ever since we gained access to the original screen-used prop," said Chronicle's Creative Director Paul Francis. "We're stepping out of the norm on this project and doing something incredibly rare in the industry by taking a prop that was only seen in an extended version of the film and turning it into a giant collectible. I'd like to think that our passion for Stargate should be pretty apparent at this point."


Inspect this intriguing Stargate collectible in the full gallery below, then let us know if your limitless Stargate love allows you to plunk down a grand to own one for yourself!

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