Viral stunt for Chronicle has us believing a man can fly

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

The skies over New York City are usually pretty crowded: traffic heading to one of three airports, traffic and news helicopters, stray balloons. But if you looked up last week, you might've seen what looked like three men streaking through the air like Superman. All in the name of promoting Fox's super-powered teens flick Chronicle.

In a city that has a checkered history with rogue aviation, you'd think that the sight of three unidentified objects flying among its most famous landmarks would've caused something of a stir, but, according to James Percelay—who masterminded the Chronicle flights along with partner Michael Krivicka and their viral marketing firm, Thinkmodo—the response was one of awe:

"There were a lot of questions ... Tons of calls to New York media. But they were just questioning. They move slowly and they look like people. Nobody felt threatened. No one was concerned by it. They were fascinated."

No wonder: This does look pretty fascinating:

Percelay and Co.—who built the flying men using Dacron polyester, carbon fiber rods and model airplane engines, each weighing about 3.5 pounds—are planning more urban aeronautics in the days leading up to Chronicle's Feb. 3 release.

(Via Hero Complex)