Chronicle writer spills some juicy details on the sequel

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Dec 17, 2012

Max Landis, writer of the found-footage superhero hit Chronicle, is already hard at work putting together his plan for part two—and it sounds even cooler than the first installment. Spoilers ahead for the first Chronicle!

Landis said the found footage that made up the first film will be public knowledge, meaning Chronicle 2 will be set in a world where people know there may be super-powered teens flying around.

"The movie you saw (Chronicle) in the sequel is a thing. That edited footage is a thing. So it's not like 'we found this footage after this kids died.' You can't deny cars being thrown in the air in Seattle," he told Me Movies. "You saw all those helicopters. The world changed. That's the end of Chronicle. And things are going to be different now. They can't possibly cover up what happened."

As for who'll be coming back, well, there aren't a ton of options after the end of the first film, but Landis said reluctant hero Matt (Alex Russell) is definitely a big part of the plan—and he'll be battling a supervillain.

"I loved Matt, and I felt really bad for him because I understood just how emotionally lazy he is and how he doesn't really do what he's doing," he said. "And that's why I'm putting him through hell in [Chronicle] 2."

Landis said the sequel will likely have to find a new director, as original director Josh Trank is one of the hottest names in Hollywood right now, linked to everything from the Fantastic Four reboot to the Red Star.

"Josh is all over the place with other projects. I'm also all over the place with other projects, but Chronicle is really my baby," he said. "Josh will probably be involved in some respect, but right now I just want to get the script done."

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(Comic Book Movie via Me Movies)