Chronicle's Max Landis explains how Batman could take down all of The Avengers

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Sep 17, 2015, 4:40 PM EDT

It’s happened a time or two (with varying degrees of quality), but what fan wouldn’t love to see DC and Marvel's mightiest heroes actually duking it out? Well, if Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis is right, the Justice League might not even need to call in much of the roster.

Landis, an outspoken geek filmmaker, has opened up with his random (and surprisingly well-thought-out) take on how Batman could take out the entire team of the Avengers. By himself. Who needs Superman and Wonder Woman when you have the greatest strategist on the planet? This is obviously a silly exercise in nerdiness, but we have to admit, Landis puts together a solid attack strategy.

Check it out below:


Of course, it’s also worth noting that Batman actually developed strategies such as this to take down the entire Justice League in the 2000 JLA comic arc “Tower of Babel,” as a contingency plan in case any of the superheroes went rogue. It’s Ra’s al Ghul who implements the plan in this instance, but hey, all of his strategies are spot-on.

So yeah, if Bats set his sights on the Avengers, it stands to reason he could do some damage with enough time to plan it out.

(Via Max Landis)