Chronicles of Narnia director signs on for Dark Horse comic adaptation Breath of Bones

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Sep 24, 2014

It seems film studios may never tire of mining comic canon for movie ideas. Next up: the acclaimed Dark Horse miniseries Breath of Bones.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Andrew Adamson, who directed two of the Chronicles of Narnia movies, has signed on for Breath of Bones, an ambitious fantasy epic that could make one heck of a cool movie with the right hand at the wheel. Adamson said he was hooked on the concept after seeing the concept art, noting he “knew this had the makings of a new classic.”

The three-issue story, later collected into a graphic novel, was written by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Matt Santoro. Artist Dave Wachter received a 2012 Russ Manning Award nomination for his stunning work. The story is set during World War II and follows the events after a British plane crashes into a Jewish village. The crash brings the attention of Nazi soldiers, forcing the villagers to defend themselves, with one rabbi and his grandson building a Golem creature and bringing the great beast to life. 

Niles chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about the project and why he chose the frame it the way he did in the World War II era. A Golem story is an interesting pitch, and Niles acknowledged as much in his comments:

“Telling a story can be tough. It’s the one monster rooted in religion and mysticism, so I wanted to be respectful. I decided to tell it as a World War II fable. It's a story of a grandfather teaching his grandson how to make a monster to defend his village against a Nazi invasion.”

Adamson’s background should make for an interesting approach to the story. He has some fantasy-esque experience with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian, plus the first two Shrek films. But Breath of Bones is obviously a very different kind of story.

Are you glad this Dark Horse classic is coming to the big screen?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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