Chuck Wendig’s delayed Darth Vader comic series is officially dead at Marvel

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Nov 16, 2018, 3:14 PM EST

Marvel is not moving forward with the Darth Vader comic miniseries it announced at NYCC last month, following the firing of creator Chuck Wendig, who already had reportedly completed writing for more than half the series. 

Marvel confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that it had pulled Wendig’s Shadow of Vader from its lineup, and that there are no plans to draft other creators to finish what he’d begun.

Wendig had written scripts for the first three issues in the five-issue miniseries at the time of his firing, with illustration work already underway at the time, reports THR. Shadow of Vader was initially scheduled to arrive with Issue #1 in January, but was absent from the January release lineup Marvel provided to retailers last month.

Shadow was pitched to fans as an exploration of the Sith Lord’s legacy through the eyes of other characters who’d witnessed his evil up close. Wendig told an NYCC audience last month that each installment would “track the POV of a character that Vader has affected,” from an Imperial morgue attendant who notices bodies that bear the markings of especially cruel deaths, to the Vader-worshipping Acolytes of the Beyond.

After his Oct. 12 firing, presumably related to his outspoken views on social media, Wendig told SYFY WIRE he assumed that “it has to do with my politics and making the work inclusive — which some people frame as me shoving politics down their throat, so to speak.”

But, he added, “I’ve had myriad people reach out and tell me that they feel seen in a major story world like Star Wars for the first time, and that was heartening to me.”

Despite his parting of ways with Marvel, Wendig has other projects in the works, including the January release of Vultures, the final book in his Miriam Black series, and next July’s release of Wanderers, a “Stephen King-y epic” novel, as Wendig explained to SYFY WIRE.