10 reasons you MUST watch tonight's Chuck season finale

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Chuck's enormous two-hour, two-episode finale airs tonight, and there's one thing creator Chris Fedak wants you to know. "It's the craziest two hours of Chuck we've ever done," Fedak said in an exclusive interview. "We've done a couple of two-hour episodes in the past, and we always say, 'Oh, each week is like a little movie.' But this finale is not little. There is nothing little about it."

(Gigantic Spoilers Alert!)

How big is it? Well, big enough that we've got 10 reasons from Fedak why you should watch tonight's season-three finale on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/PT:

1. You get two episodes for the price of one, Buy More style! First up is "Chuck Versus the Subway," and no, we're not talking that Subway! Sandwich eating is optional... And the second episode is "Chuck Versus the Ring, Part II." Do not expect to see Ellie get married again. It's so not that kind of ring this time. (That was last year!) In fact, Fedak said, "That 'part two' is just me being pretentious. I just wanted to be like The Godfather, Part Two." In the finale Brandon Routh is back as Daniel Shaw, and guess what? He "has his own Intersect loaded into his head," he said.

2. Yep, Shaw's back, and you can call him Two-Face! "We do have the return of Shaw, and that's one of the big changes. But it's not the Shaw that you know, that we left in episode 13 ... the tortured agent who decided to seek revenge. This is a version of Shaw who's embracing the dark side. And Brandon is wonderful in the part as the guy who's flipped the coin. He's embraced the Two-Face of it all and has become the villain," said Fedak.

"We had always planned that he would be our Harvey Dent character. That we would essentially take someone who was an expert in the Ring and someone with a kind of tragic backstory and fold that back through our characters. And that in the end the season would boil down to Chuck and Shaw."

3. Which means, Chuck's going to meet his match! "Absolutely. I mean, in truth there's a great kind of intensity. I love westerns, and there's that great moment as you're heading into the third act of a western." Cue the spaghetti-western good guy/bad guy face-off music ... "Let's put it this way. I'm never above using some Ennio Morricone on my show."

4. Luckily, Chuck's got some serious backup! Chuck and Sarah "make for a wonderful couple, and we were just so excited to tell those stories of their relationship. And not from the perspective 'will they/won't they,' but from the perspective of a young couple," said Fedak. And then there's the other wonderful new couple on the show, Casey and Morgan. "They're obviously a couple. We realized that we had this perfect odd couple earlier in the season." We'll also see Elli and Awesome in action, as well as Papa Bartowski (Scott Bakula), and, of course, the Buy More gang.

5. But someone's going to die! "Nobody is safe. ... The show this season is a dangerous show, and the world that Chuck lives in is a dangerous place, and not everyone's going to make it." So someone we care about is going to die? "Yes," said Fedak.

6. In fact, it's so sad that even Fedak gets "emotional" talking about it! "There's a scene that we have—it's very hard to go there," he said, choking up just a bit. "It is so emotional and such a big moment for the show in total, all the episodes ... that I actually have a hard time watching. I actually get very emotional. ... So it's a, it's a, um ... yeah, it's a, um, you know."

7. Get ready for a giganto, heart-ripping, spy epic! "We've set up so much this season, and the puzzle pieces will all fall together in the season finale," said Fedak. "It is a gigantic, emotional epic. ... We have amazing spy stuff, super huge, explosive stuff happening on the show, but we also have these emotional moments that are just as equally huge."

8. The Buy More's going bye-bye ... maybe! According to the preview for the final episodes, it looks a whole lot like it might be an explosive time at the Buy More. "I will not comment on what you may have seen in the promotion for the show. I was shocked, shocked, to see that," said Fedak, sounding mock-shocked. In fact, he sounded a little like he wanted to giggle. ... We're just saying. However, he does admit, "There are many exciting, huge things about to happen." Like explosive, epic, emotional things?

9. In fact, it's gonna change Chuck forever! So the finale's got "big, kind of game-changing moments," "huge spy stuff" and "great emotional moments," said Fedak. "The show will never be the same after the episode is done." And, oh, yeah ... "It's funny!"

10. And the best news: Chuck's been renewed for a fourth season! So here's your very first teaser for next season ... "I'll say this, season four is about family," said Fedak.

Here's a preview of tonight's episode:

Are you going to watch the Chuck finale tonight?

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