Chuck's Captain Awesome says the season finale is, um, awesome

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Ryan McPartlin, who plays Captain Awesome on NBC's spy dramedy Chuck, told SCI FI Wire that the remaining episodes of the season set up a new dynamic for a potential third season. Right now, Chuck is considered "on the bubble" for renewal.

"The last episodes of this season build up to a little bit [of a] new show for season three," McPartlin said in an exclusive phone interview earlier this week while he was promoting the spoof film Super Capers. "So we're all hoping we get to do season three, because it'll be like a new show in the way it will evolve into something that very few shows get to evolve into."

McPartlin plays the fiance of Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), sister of Chuck Bartwoski (Zachary Levi). Captain Awesome usually remains oblivious to Chuck's adventures. But in the lead-up to the season finale, expect Awesome to see more action.

"Man, it's going to be, no pun intended, awesome coming up in the last few episodes of the season," McPartlin said. "I can't really give away anything, but I get involved in many areas of Chuck's life that I haven't been involved in in the past. I start getting worried about Chuck to the point where I follow him a little bit. Let me put it that way. So fun, fun stuff, and some emotional stuff, too, which is good. Let's cross our fingers and put it out there for season three. Season three I'd become a little bit more involved, too, in the storylines."

Awesome's motives are innocent enough, but he has no idea he's delving into a world of government spies and evildoers. "Without giving much away, Awesome gets suspicious about what Chuck is doing in his life and wants to know more," McPartlin said. "So I start asking some questions that shouldn't be asked and poking my nose in places it probably shouldn't be poked in. You'll see by the end of this season if I get thrown into Chuck's other life or maybe it'll lead into next season, the potential of me getting thrown into his other life, but you won't know. I can't give any more than that. We'll just say there's some good stuff for Awesome on the way, including the wedding."

The wedding between Awesome and Ellie is scheduled to happen by the season finale. "It's set to happen," he said. "Whether it all happens as planned, you've got to watch. You know, with any wedding in any show, something can always go wrong. In Chuck, it's almost guaranteed to have something go wrong. That's the whole point of the show. You've got to have that conflict."

At least the Awesomes will be back in town for the wedding. "The Awesomes come back in town," McPartlin said, referring to his character's parents. "Morgan Fairchild comes back, and Bruce Boxleitner. They're just fantastic to work with, and of course they stir the pot as well."

McPartlin got to work with guest stars Chevy Chase and Scott Bakula as well. Chuck airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on NBC.