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Chucky doll can't save creative commuter from carpool lane violation

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Jan 15, 2018, 8:22 PM EST (Updated)

If you're going to get a ticket for a carpool lane violation, you may as well do so with a flare for drama, or horror, as the case may be.

Cops from the Contra Costa police department in Contra Costa County, California, likely freaked at out at what they saw upon pulling over a driver trying to beat traffic by driving in the carpool lane. Instead of the usual department-store mannequin or NSFW blow-up doll riding shotgun, the police discovered a Chucky doll buckled into the offender's passenger seat.

Of course, they just had to tweet a photo of the Good Guy, before they had to be the bad guys and write the (admittedly creative) woman a ticket.


Perhaps she was really just trying to recreate that infamous car scene from Child’s Play 2, where Chucky wields a knife and terrorizes Kyle into driving him to Andy, rasping, "Come on, step on it! Just shut up and drive!"


At least with this carpool violation, no one had to be subjected to the demonic doll crawling out of the car and attacking the windshield, insulting women drivers, or threatening someone at knife-point. You also have to give this driver points for restraining the evil doll by buckling him in. In the movie, he gets catapulted from the car — just imagine the potential accidents that might have caused.

“This seriously happened today,... c’mon people,” the police pleaded on Facebook. So there’s obviously no way they are actually encouraging this stuff, even if they did think the stunt deserved an "A for effort." So don’t go thinking that stuffing a shirt and a pair of jeans and sticking a hockey mask on top is actually going to convince them you’ve got a legit Jason Voorhees as your carpool passenger.

If Chucky actually was alive, the legality of the whole thing might have changed, although presumably he'd have to ride in a child's seat in the back.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)