Cult of Chucky

Chucky will possess you in the Halloween Horror Nights attraction you'll wish was a movie

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Jan 25, 2021, 4:52 PM EST (Updated)

This is one Halloween Horror Nights scare zone you may or may not get out of alive. Spoiler — you will make it out alive — but just barely. Revenge of Chucky introduces one of the most horrifying Chucky storylines that never existed.

It hinges off last year’s Cult of Chucky by having the animated and re-animated Good Guy possess other toys by forcing his malevolent soul into their plastic bodies. It also sucks you into what could have been the most awesome Chucky sequel ever.

Revenge of Chucky continues Don Mancini’s ongoing saga of evil that saw Charles Lee Ray injecting his soul into Good Guys dolls that turned murderous in Cult. Dare to walk into Revenge and you’ll find yourself trapped in the Play Pals toy factory with Chucky and a horde of possessed toys (and a few really unfortunate employees). That includes everything from rotten Cabbage Patch Kids to homicidal green army men to an Easy-Bake Oven. Yes, if anyone is going to possess an Easy-Bake Oven, it’s Chucky.

Chucky starts the possession ritual, which is supposed to initiate guests into the cult, with a creepy incantation that will make you want to lock up all the dolls you own in a vault somewhere. Just watch.

Instead of adapting Cult of Chucky literally, Halloween Horror Nights: Orlando Senior Director of Entertainment Michael Aiello decided to conjure a sequel that Mancini himself, who was involved in creating the maze of terror, would be proud of.

“We wanted to incorporate Chucky into the event, first knowing he’s an ’80s horror icon and it fit nicely in our events overall ’80s thematic, and also knowing it’s the 30th anniversary of him as a character,” Aiello told Bloody-Disgusting.

Can you imagine a movie where Chucky himself possesses every inanimate object manufactured by Play Pals and takes over the universe, or at least suburbia? Aiello wanted to corrupt every ‘80s toy he possibly could in this attraction. That explains the Easy-Bake horror.

“Discovering in Cult of Chucky that he can possess other dolls, we decided to expand on that idea and bring forth the thought that he could possess all kinds of toys, growing his cult, so to speak. This was in our favor as a way to offer a diverse collection of characters for our guests to encounter, because we did not want a bunch of people running around in Chucky costumes and masks,” Aiello revealed.

So what does Don Mancini think of this? Aiello said the both the director and franchise producer David Kirschner have supported this monstrosity. Whether or not that means the maniacal toyfest that is Revenge of Chucky will ever be realized onscreen remains to be seen.

Get possessed at Halloween Horror Nights: Orlando through November 3.

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