Chupacabra found? Officer kills it, claims: 'It wasn't normal'

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Jun 26, 2015, 1:15 PM EDT

We just learned where we DON'T want to spend our summer vacation—Hood County, Texas. That's because not one, but two "strange, coyote-like creatures" have been killed within 10 miles of each other. And locals there are saying that the ugly animals could be ... chupacabras.

"It was ugly, real ugly, I'm not going to tell no lie on that one," Hood County Animal Control Officer Frank Hackett told NBC's Grant Stinchfield about the animal he found and killed in an old barn.

A few days later, rancher Jack Farr also killed one of the bizarre creatures.

"I have heard of a chupacabra before, but I thought it was some sort of mythological thing," he said. "I've seen deer and coyotes. This had deer ears, big teeth and pinkish skin like nothing I've ever seen before."

Hood County Animal Control sent one of the animals to Texas A&M for DNA testing, but until the results are in, doctors there have only said it's some kind of coyote hybrid.

You can check out a video report below.

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Which raises a question—isn't it about time chupacabras learned that you just don't mess with Texas?