Church upset Roland Emmerich destroyed Jesus in 2012

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Remember when director Roland Emmerich was too afraid to destroy an Islamic landmark in his disaster movie 2012 but was OK with smashing Christian symbols, such as Rio de Janeiro's famed Christ the Redeemer statue?

Guess he should have thought twice about that one, too, at least in light of a lawsuit announced Wednesday by Brazil's Catholic Church, the AFP reported:

Rio de Janeiro's archdiocese is demanding unspecified damages and interest from Columbia Pictures for showing the iconic landmark being destroyed in a worldwide apocalypse in a film that came out last year, the archdiocese's attorney, Claudine Dutra, said.

The archdiocese manages copyright issues related to the 40-meter (130-foot) high statue erected in 1931, which overlooks Rio with its arms outstretched.

Under Brazilian law, copyright resides in the author of a work until his death, and then is passed on to his heirs or estate or successor entity for another 70 years.

Reportedly, Columbia asked for permission to depict the statue but was rebuffed, then went ahead and used it anyway. The studio and the church have supposedly been talking about a settlement without success.

What next? The Vatican suing because Emmerich destroyed the Sistine Chapel as well?

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