Churchill and Eisenhower ordered World War II UFO cover-up

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower agreeing to a UFO cover-up during World War II? Sounds like something we might have seen during a flashback on an episode of The X-Files. But according to notes discovered within hundreds of previously secret "UFO files" released by the U.K. government's National Archives today, it actually happened.

One of the notes from the Ministry of Defense found within the papers makes reference to a 1999 letter which stated that a Royal Air Force plane returning from a mission in Europe during World War II was "approached by a metallic UFO."

The author of the letter, who remains unidentified, wrote that his grandfather attended a wartime meeting between the two leaders during which they expressed concern over the incident and "decided to keep it secret."

As a result of the letter, the Ministry of Defense investigated the case but could find no contemporaneous written record of the incident.

That doesn't mean it wouldn't make for a great movie, however. (Or a great conspiracy theory. Take your pick.)

Do you think the Churchill/Eisenhower conversation ever happened? Or was somebody's grandfather just trying to entertain his grandson?

(via msnbc)