The CIA just posted 12 million declassified documents, from UFO sightings to psychic experiments

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Jan 21, 2017, 5:42 PM EST (Updated)

Want to dig into decades of the CIA’s UFO sighting files? How about the declassified details of the psychic-focused Project Stargate? Conspiracy theorists, your time is now.

The CIA has been declassifying mysterious documents for years, but until this week you could only read them on four work stations located at the National Archives in Maryland. Now it’s all online for the world to see. The CIA has posted a treasure trove of documents — around 12 million in total — of unclassified information dating from the 1940s to the 1990s. They run the gamut from Nazi war crimes to the Berlin Tunnel project designed to spy on Berlin.

That stuff is solid gold for history buffs, but dig a bit deeper and you’ll find the fun files. There are docs on the CIA’s Project Stargate from the late '70s, which looked into the viability of using psychic phenomena for military purposes. There are also some UFO sighting files, though sadly no smoking gun about humans hanging out with E.T.

Though the release is a fantastic move toward transparency, some of the documents are still redacted, and the CIA checked them all again before making the dump.

The files were released as part of a push by former President Bill Clinton during his time in the Oval Office, as he pushed for all documents of "historical value" to be released after 25 years have passed. So the CIA drops new files every year — but now they're actually online to see.

So, if you're feeling like taking a deep dive into Uncle Sam's deepest secrets, set aside a few hours and dive in.

(Via Engadget)