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Cicada ‘kills’ Vibe, and Cumberbatch Wells joins the team in the latest Flash

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Oct 24, 2018, 4:10 PM EDT (Updated)

We’re still in the early days of the season, but no time has been wasted setting up the impending threat of new big bad Cicada — and he’s even inspired the team to bring in a shiny new Wells to join the team.

Spoilers ahead for “The Death of Vibe,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Tuesday, October 23, 2018.

Nora came to the present to meet and learn from her father, but like most things related to time travel, her presence among Team Flash is having unintended consequences. After getting a peek at the future Flash Museum, we learn Nora has actually studied up on the mysterious killer Cicada — and informs Team Flash he’s actually one of the few rogues they never manage to catch. To that end, the team is inspired to try and change things even further from that “original” timeline where they fail, and recruit a key piece of Team Flash that has been missing so far this year: Wells.

Sadly, they don’t seek out Earth-2’s Harry to rejoin the team, instead introducing a new variation from the Council of Wells in the form of Sherloque Wells, a master detective who has solved cases across the multiverse — including catching 36 different Cicadas from different realities. This time around, though, Nora’s presence has caused Cicada to appear earlier in the timeline and actually become someone different than the Cicadas Sherloque has found before. Sherloque is admittedly a bit rough around the edges, but he shows some true flashes of that Wells genius, which helps the team track down a missing Cisco and save the day. He also seems to be sticking around, so this seems to be our new “Wells,” at least for now.

As for Nora, we see her struggling with her inadvertent role in making things worse (or at least making bad things happen differently and earlier), which looks to be a hard lesson every Allen needs to learn at some point down the line. We do see her get to take advantage of that Flash tutoring, taking her time and crafting a plan that actually saves the day. After watching Ralph become a hero last year, it seems this will be the season of XS.

The Flash

What do we learn about Cicada? We see him putting members of Team Flash in his sights, and making a play this week to kill Cisco. And he almost succeeds. We still don’t know much about his motivations, but his goal is clearly to take out metahumans — regardless of whether they’ve proven to be “good” or “bad” guys. Oh, and he can apparently super-jump or maybe fly? That was a nifty power move. After spending a bit of time with Joe, the detective deduces Cicada is likely a father. That’s shown to be true in the closing moments, where we see him checking on his dying daughter(?) in the hospital. He’s also sporting a mysterious scar that refuses to heal. We also get to see Cicada in action a  bit more and hear Chris Klein voice the role, which comes off like an odd take on Bane, though Klein is clearly doing all he can to sell it.

Assorted musings

*When Nora is talking about everyone who failed to catch Cicada, she mentions: “even the League tried.” Is that a reference to the Justice League?

*Ralph became a meme. Of course he did.

*Caitlin’s mom is clearly hiding something, though Caitlin did make some progress in deciphering the secrets her father left behind for her. That mystery looks like it's about to heat up.

*Sherloque is a master at reading people, and probes Nora with some odd questions. Did someone push her to interfere in the timeline? She certainly seems to be hiding something, at least.

Next week: Nora tries to kill Barry. We’re thinking there’s some brainwashing/rage meta powers to blame?