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Cinderella re-telling focused on the 'ugly stepsister' coming to the big screen

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Nov 17, 2017, 4:58 PM EST (Updated)

It's time to hear the rest of the story. A new young adult book telling the classic Cinderella tale from the point of view of one of the stepsisters could be headed to the big screen.

Many children grow up hearing the story of Cinderella, the girl trapped in a house with an evil stepmother and ugly stepsisters who keep her from true happiness while making her do all of their chores. But what if that's not the whole story? An upcoming young adult novel by Jennifer Donnelly called Stepsister that will be on shelves in fall 2019 from Scholastic answers that exact question.

The book is from the point of view of an "ugly stepsister" as she, according to The Hollywood Reporter, "examines the path she’s been pushed toward, tries to make amends, and redefines strength and beauty on her own terms." And now Endeavor Content is adapting the novel for the big screen.

"I am absolutely thrilled to bring Stepsister to the big screen alongside Endeavor Content," Donnelly said. "They supported my vision and shared my passion and enthusiasm for a story of empowerment, one in which the ugly stepsister – not the beautiful heroine – can achieve her happily ever after.”

Donnelly is no stranger to writing within the Disney fairy tale universe. Her New York Times bestselling novel Lost in a Book was set in the world of Beauty and the Beast. With a huge number of Cinderella adaptations out there, the idea of hearing a different type of Cinderella story is appealing. Maybe we've had it wrong all along and the ugly stepsister is about to be our new favorite heroine.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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