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Clara's Ghost: Haley Joel Osment and dead people get reacquainted in first trailer

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Oct 9, 2018, 5:46 PM EDT (Updated)

It's an Elliot family reunion in the first trailer for the horror/comedy Clara's Ghost!

Famous comedian and actor Chris Elliot is joined on screen by his real-world wife, Paula Niedert Elliott, and two daughters, Abby and Bridey Elliot (also the writer/director), for a humurous little tale about a family experiencing a small-time haunting in Connecticut.

Based on the IMDb summary, the film takes place over one evening and centers around the family matriarch, Clara (Niedert Elliott), who, after becoming frustrated with her egotistical "showbiz" family members, begins taking advice and comort from a spirit she believes to be following her around.

Said spirit reportedly lived in the house and was sent away to a mental institution.

Watch the trailer, which is set to the sunshine pop of the Alan Bown Set's "Toyland" (1967):

Beyond the family dynamic, the movie's also got Haley Joel Osment back in the supernatural groove. Yes, that's The Sixth Sense actor under all that scruff! Forget about Glass, this is the M. Night Shyamalan sequel that we need right now! Well, it's more of a spiritual successor, if anything.

Anywho, if the trailer is anything to go on, we're meant to wonder if the mother is actually being haunted or simply losing her mind. Maybe it's a little of both?

Clara's Ghost gets a limited release on Dec. 6 and hits VOD/digital on Dec. 7.

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