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Sep 25, 2007

I don't generally do this, but for her I'll make an exception.

I stumbled on a singer whose voice I just love. Her name is Marian Call, and I found her through her MySpace page, of all places; I followed a comment she left on Nathan Fillion's page. Nathan played Mal Reynolds on "Firefly", and you know how much I love that show, and evidently so does Marian. Anyway, I went to her page, and the music loaded automatically. Normally I find that incredibly irritating, but once in a great while it pays off. It did in this case.

Marian's music is hard to pin down; it's like folk but not at all cloying like so many folk singers are. It's not dance or rock; it's simple, personal, small band coffee-shop kinda stuff. Sorta. If you know Sara Hickman, you know Marian. Her voice is clear and beautiful, and not at all artificial like every gorram singer on the radio these days (and Marian uses that word in one of her songs; like I said, Firefly, baby). The words are intelligent -- imagine that! -- and she has a fantastic musical sense.

A Firefly connection: turns out there was a contest to write a song about Saffron, the lovely but warped beauty who took Mal for all he's worth not once, but twice on the show. Marian's song for that was perfect, and I mean perfect. She even sounds like Saffron.

Anyway, you can listen to her songs on her MySpace page, and if you like them, her CD is available on the Marian Call website. I make no money from this, nothing at all like that. I just think she's great, and could use some free publicity.

My one complaint is that she's in Alaska and that it may be a while before she makes it down to Boulder to sing here. But if she does, I'm there.

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