Clark pops the question on Smallville—but will Lois say yes?

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Dec 14, 2012

Season 10 will be the last for Smallville, and the CW show has done a great job answering questions, closing gaps in continuity and giving us terrific guest-starring appearances. And now that Lois Lane knows Clark Kent's super-secret, their relationship has only deepened.

So we're not too concerned about spoiling this one for you: On Dec. 10, he's going to ask Lois to be his super-wife.

Clark Kent was never a playa. Unless he was under the influence of multihued forms of Kryptonite, he was clearly a one-woman man. For seven years of Smallville, that woman was Lana Lang. But after Lana fled Smallville, his friendship with Lois turned into romance ... a romance that was complicated by Clark's secret double life.

According to EW, who spoke with executive producer Brian Peterson,

We hear the story will have Clark undertaking a perilous mission to rescue Lois from Slade Wilson (Michael Hogan), with assistance from allies Hawkman (Michael Shanks) and Stargirl (Britt Irvin). Peterson is reluctant to dish much more, other than to say that the episode has a Winds of War vibe (think love during strife) and that this ''highest of highs is intertwined with the lowest of lows.''

In the DC Universe, Clark and Lois have actually been married since 1996, after a courtship that started in 1938 (!). After dating since season 9—and being in love at a distance during season 8—it seems like this long-overdue proposal is fairly speedy.

Will Lois say yes? Will Lois say no? Peterson isn't talking.

''We're only promising a proposal,'' says Peterson. ''We're not promising they'll actually make it to the wedding.''

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