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Clarke is on the run in latest trailer for Season 5 of The 100

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Apr 18, 2018, 2:21 PM EDT

Hard to believe that The 100 ended its fourth season nearly a year ago; but the wait is almost over and we’re now just a few days away from the post-apocalyptic series’ hotly anticipated Season 5 premiere. Ahead of the show’s return next week, The CW has dropped a new trailer featuring some new footage.

According to the official synopsis, the Season 5 premiere titled “Eden” will see Clarke (Eliza Taylor), as she “struggles to survive on a desolate, scorched earth while her friends in space come across a long-awaited beacon of hope.” And that “beacon of hope” is the presence of a new ship which, unbeknownst to them, is a prison transport filled to the brim with well-armed folks, as you can see in the trailer below:

The fifth season picks up six years after the events of the Season 4 finale and Praimfaya, with the core cast being separated into three main groups: Clarke and her surrogate daughter Madi (Lola Flanery); Bellamy (Bob Morley) and his Spacekru; and Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and the bunker survivors beneath Polis, aka Onekru. Then we have the addition of the crew of the prison ship Gagarin.

In a recent interview with Nerdist, Bob Morley teased how the separate groups will make The 100 feel a bit different.

“This season, it feels like there’s a couple of different shows going on, because there’s so many different groups and leadership groups and who’s in charge of what and where,” said Morley. “It’s interesting to see the power struggles between all the groups and actually who’s really in charge. This season has been tricky for me, like with Bellamy as well, for Bellamy coming from being Spacekru and knowing that he’s got the backs of those six or seven. Whereas when he gets back down to Earth that changes pretty quickly.”

While Clarke lived a contented life on Earth with Madi for those six years, things will change drastically with the arrival of the prison ship led by former Banshee alum Ivana Milicevic, since the mother-daughter duo will end up fleeing from them. “It’s great because it’s a role reversal,” Taylor said. “It’s like suddenly she’s the grounder who’s being hunted. It’s a really cool callback to the pilot.”

Morley also teased the various challenges and threats the different groups will have to face in the new season as some of them set foot on Terra Firma for the first time in six years.

“There’s definitely a lot of returning of Mother Nature type things — animals and creatures and critters and stuff like that,” said Morley. “That’s one of the struggles. And also, the elements, as well, and how the planet has changed because of praimfaya. In terms of the challenges on Earth, the threat other than the elements and environments…is always a human threat between the groups more than anything else.”

The 100 returns April 24 following a new episode of The Flash on The CW.

(via Nerdist)