Classic Batman journalist Vicki Vale joining Fox's Gotham in Season 3

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Jun 10, 2016, 9:52 AM EDT

In its first two seasons on Fox, Gotham has never shied away from embracing as much of Batman’s DC Comics lore as legally possible. Now we can confirm it’ll be adding another one in Season 3.

TV Line confirms DC Comics journalist Vicki Vale will be showing up next season, and she is described as an “ambitious young journalist” in her late 20s. As Batman fans likely noticed, that would make Bruce Wayne’s sometime love interest a good bit older than this version of the future Dark Knight. We don’t know much about how she’ll fit into Gotham, but she’s supposedly going to be a series regular, so the role should be solid.

Going back to the comic canon, Vicki Vale was first introduced in 1948. Her character has often reported on Batman along the way and is typically portrayed as an ambitious reporter always looking to chase the big scoop. She was played by Kim Basinger in 1989's Batman, and also played a role in the Arkham games. Considering all the supervillains and conspiracies sure to be on display next season, there should be more than enough stories to keep her busy.

Who knows, maybe she’ll be pulling at some threads surrounding Gotham City’s mysterious Court of Owls … ?

(Via TV Line)