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'Classic' Batman project could be on the horizon from Tom King and Mitch Gerads

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Sep 10, 2018, 11:48 AM EDT (Updated)

You know Tom King even if you don’t know Tom King. He’s the comic writer who just won the Eisner Award and needed a bodyguard at San Diego Comic-Con because of toxic fans and one very hyped Batman wedding. That last issue, Batman #50, featured King teaming up with artist Mitch Gerads, with whom he’s done multiple issues of Batman and a complete reinvention of Jack Kirby's Mister Miracle.

Now there’s more Batman in the works from the industry-leading duo as social media (as always) tantalizes fans with just enough to get excited.

Posting on Twitter, King offered scant details about a new, “classic, gritty Batman detective story” that would get back to the basics that the writer’s recent work with the character had expanded upon.

Take a look:

But who’s going to draw the thing? Let’s take a look at the clues. Or not, since there’s just one and it has a name written on it: Gerads’ 2018 Eisner Award for his Mister Miracle work.

Then Gerads seemed to confirm the tease by giving a little playful side-eye to the news when first reported by CBR:

King’s psychologically detailed comic work is always bolstered by Gerads’ crisp style and creative use of formal conventions, so getting a “classic” Batman story out of the two seems like a bit of a long shot, unless they’re going to give their own spin on one of the Caped Crusader’s long-running games of cat and mouse. Though, hopefully the cat is more cooperative this time.