The classic Doctors REALLY want in on the 50th action in hilarious Who short

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Jul 4, 2015, 2:52 PM EDT (Updated)

Yes, we’ve all had our minds collectively blown by the Doctor Who 50th-anniversary special (and its nifty cameos), but a few of the other Doctors really wanted in on the action. 

From that surprisingly awesome prequel story starring Eighth Doctor Paul McGann to the docudrama special looking at the creation of the series itself — the BBC has been cranking out a ton of goodies to honor the occasion.

But for fans of the classic series, this one might be the best. Dubbed “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot,” the latest 30-minute special is an absolute romp through five decades of Who history starring former Doctors, companions and a boatload of in-jokes (plus some classic villains).

It focuses on some former Doctors as they try to woo Steven Moffat into giving them a role in the special, to hilarious effect. From name-dropping their work on other projects (see: The Hobbit) to sneaking into the Dalek storage closet — there’s not a dull minute here.

So, do they manage to squeeze in there somewhere?


(Via BBC)