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Clear some space for this humongous Jurassic Park T-rex Attack Battle Diorama

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Dec 17, 2020, 2:50 PM EST (Updated)

Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the theatrical release for Steven Spielberg's thundering 1993 mega-hit, Jurassic Park. The sci-fi fantasy became the highest grossing film in Hollywood history until it was ultimately dethroned by Titanic in 1997.

All month long there has been the inevitable and unstoppable stampede of tributes, retrospectives, and commemorative merchandise being unchained for fans to snatch and savor and this incredible new Jurassic Park T-rex Attack Battle Diorama from Texas-based Chronicle Collectibles could be the ultimate must-have memento.


Their spectacular 1/10-scale set includes multiple modules depicting the famous scene when the T-rex busts out of his fenced enclosure and terrorizes Tim and Alex Murphy, Dr. Alan Grant, and Dr. Ian Malcolm by bashing the pair of special Ford Jungle Explorers. Beautifully detailed, sculpted, and polished from the talented folks at Iron Studios, the diorama measures over five feet in length once all the separate hand-painted polystone pieces are connected.


Pre-orders for all five releases begins on Monday, June 11 at 3pm CDT at chroniclecollectibles.com. All orders received after July 20th will be waitlisted.

All segments are based on actual original screen references and the gigantic set will be delivered as a limited-edition offering in the second quarter of 2019. Some of the phenomenal details include: raindrops paint effects, inside car CD-Rom program LED light-up, car headlights and taillights LED light-up, guides, folder and maps from the park, plastic water cups on dash, green environment back base containing twisted fence, base, wire rope, plants, broken glass, and realistic puddle effects on the base.


Also includes a ferocious sculpted T-rex star, terrified figures of Tim and Alex Murphy, Alan Grant and Dr. Ian Malcolm, and the Ford Jungle Explorer 04 (damaged) and 05. Pieces can be purchased individually or as a complete set for prices ranging from $649.99 to $2,499.99

Chronicle Collectibles' Robert Davis is thrilled to present this awesome multi-part diorama to celebrate the big birthday of the genetically-engineered dino spectacle that launched a billion-dollar franchise.

"The team in Brazil at Iron Studios clearly has as much passion for Jurassic Park as we do," Davis told SYFY WIRE. "To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this landmark film, we wanted to offer this massive diorama after months of fan speculation and anticipation. Whether fans pre-order the whole thing or just a part, every piece of this set is a collector's dream. As the official licensee for Jurassic Park in the United States and many other countries, we are proud to distribute this set. We’ve fielded so many questions about this set. We’re just as excited and relieved as the fans are that it’s finally coming to fruition.”


Check out all the dimensions and details for this jaw-dropping Jurassic Park collectible set in the full gallery below, then tell us if you'll be stomping down to your bank in the morning to pre-order this impressive set.