Climb right into this awesome pilot-responsive Mech from South Korea

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Dec 26, 2016, 4:32 PM EST (Updated)

Here's what I'd love to find wrapped with a red bow under my Christmas tree this year! Although the fir tree would have to be ginormous to shelter one of these multi-million-dollar machines from South Korea. Here's a demonstration video showing the gleaming giant directly responding to pilot commands in real time, mimicking the motions with effortless fluidity. The mighty METHOD-1 robot stands 13 feet tall, according to designer Vitaly Bulgarov. The engineering is reminiscent of the battle mechs in Avatar or the Matrix Trilogy and countless video games like the MechWarrior franchise and Titanfall. It's a fantastic glimpse into the future of advanced robotics, when these iron striders might roam the planet at will.  

Until then, enjoy this presentation and tell us if you're impressed!

(Via Geekologie)