Clinton Road: Ice-T joins horror flick based on notorious New Jersey stretch

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Jul 31, 2017

In West Milford, New Jersey, there is a notorious stretch of road called Clinton Road. This 10-mile stretch of road is desolate, with few houses or structures built around it, which makes it the perfect place for unsavory, criminal, and ghostly activity. Over the years, Clinton Road has been the setting for numerous ghost stories: tales of phantom vehicles; a ghost boy who drowned near by; park rangers who died on the job in the 1930s; and tales of strange beasts that could be supernatural, or perhaps just animals forgotten after a nearby wild-animal attraction closed. Clinton Road is said to have been the site of witch Sabbaths, KKK meetings, and Satanic rituals, and has definitely been used by organized crime to dump bodies.

With all that going for it, it only makes sense that Clinton Road is going to be the setting of an upcoming horror movie. Called Clinton Road, the film will be directed by Steve Stanulis in his scripted debut, with a script by industry newcomer Derek Ross Mackay. The premise involves a group of teenagers who are investigating the road, only to find themselves stranded and facing off against a sadistic Satanic cult.

Rapper/actor Ice-T has joined the cast as a club owner with his own past ties to Clinton Road. He tries to persuade the teenagers to give up their investigation. Ice-T joins a cast that includes Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos), Erin O'Brien (Killing Joan), Vincent Young (Beverly Hills, 90210), and Bo Dietl (Vinyl).

(via Variety)

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