Clip shows how much Nolan changed Bane's mumbly voice in TDKR

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

One of the biggest concerns after the opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises was teased with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was Bane's (Tom Hardy) voice. It was creepy, but garbled, and most viewers had trouble following it. Well, if you've seen The Dark Knight Rises you know it doesn't sound that bad now—and a new side-by-side comparison shows just how much it changed.

Christopher Nolan initially hesitated over changing it, and thank goodness, it seems he definitely made the right call.

Just hearing line delivery compared, it's pretty obvious how much it was changed for the better. The lines from the original cut of the prologue are nearly inaudible, while the (admittedly bootlegged) clip from the theatrical version is much cleaner—and still pretty creepy.

Check out the clip below, and judge for yourself:

Bane's voice comparison (IMAX prologue vs... by mrstevenrichter

Which version of the Bane voice do you prefer?

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