Clockwork Orange star rips Trek, calls Avengers 'mindless crap'

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

Malcolm McDowell is well-versed in geek villainy. He was an anarchic teenager in A Clockwork Orange, a tyrannical emperor in Caligula and a star-destroying madman in Star Trek: Generations. Now he's taking aim at Patrick Stewart, William Shatner and The Avengers.


Speaking about his four-decade career in films and TV at the Hero Complex Film Festival, McDowell had plenty to say on plenty of subjects.

Marvel's The Avengers is still in theaters around the world, getting record-breaking box-office love from millions of adoring moviegoers. But McDowell isn't one of them. For him, Joss Whedon's adventure with Earth's Mightiest Heroes was "mindless crap."

Clearly, McDowell had no part in The Avengers, but he's not afraid to go after actors he's worked with, too. Consider Sir Patrick Stewart, the distinguished British thespian who gave us the legendary Jean-Luc Picard. We're all fans here, but McDowell's definitely not. According to him, if you want a more exciting experience than watching Stewart in a Star Trek flick, you can go "watch paint dry."

William Shatner's not exempt from McDowell's blasts, either. As Tolian Soran in Generations, McDowell had the distinction of killing Adm. James T. Kirk, something he takes great pride in not because it's an important moment in Trek history, but because he got to be the guy who shut Shatner up.

"I did them a favor," he said.

But the interview's not all venom. McDowell also talks about the late Stanley Kubrick, who helped make his name by casting him in A Clockwork Orange, and gets a little teary when he recounts visiting Kubrick's widow in England after the great director passed away. See? He's still got a heart.

Check out McDowell's full interview below, and see if you can find it in yourself to forgive him for blasting not one but two beloved sci-fi franchises in a single interview.

(Via Hero Complex)