Clones are back in 1st teaser trailer for Orphan Black S2 (+ premiere date!)

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Nov 25, 2013

The folks at BBC America scored a monster hit for their first original sci-fi series in Orphan Black, and now we have our first peek at season two.

Starring Tatiana Maslany as about a half-dozen characters, the series has been peeling away the layers of a vast conspiracy surrounding a group of cloned women. The show just kept getting better and better throughout its first season, and by the end it was one of the most critically praised new shows of the year.

Now the studio has been kind enough to drop the first tantalizing teaser trailer for season two. Focusing on Sarah (the clone at the center of the story), the new teaser does a nice voiceover to hit on the themes that'll drive season two, while showing our favorite clone looking very perturbed. Considering the way season one ended, we couldn’t blame her.

The network has also revealed when we’ll get to see season two: April 19, 2014. So, yeah, still a  pretty good wait — but it gives us more than enough time to binge-watch season one a few more times. Or maybe a few dozen times.

Did you get sucked in to all the clone shenanigans in season one? Will you be back for year two?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)


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