Batman Damned #1

Clothed again! DC censoring full-frontal Batman nudity

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Sep 20, 2018, 9:40 PM EDT

The entire internet now knows that anyone who recently picked up a copy of Batman: Damned #1 saw a little more of Batman than they might have expected.

Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s darker, edgier Dark Knight, who had some downtime wandering around the Batcave naked while doing a check on his vital signs, didn’t seem to care that he was flashing everyone — and not just from behind.

DC apparently cares, even though DC's new Black Label imprint is supposed to explore the darker side of humanity with fewer restrictions. Nevermind that Batman’s anatomy is mostly in the shadows, after the first 115,000 copies were released into the wild, the publisher has now decided to censor it out of any future issues.

The full-frontal view may hardly be the most suspenseful part of the story, but there is something undeniably atmospheric about how Bermejo drew the scene, which exposes Batman at his most vulnerable. That isn’t something you get to see very often when the Caped Crusader is actually wearing his cape.

Batman: Damned actually has a story besides the obvious one that just went viral. It follows the murder of Joker in Azzarello and Bermejo’s graphic novel, Joker. Whether Batman was the one to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight and wipe him off the face of Gotham remains nebulous. Meaning, there are obviously more important things going on here than Batman channeling The David for a moment.

Let’s get real here: Female characters just this side of naked are everywhere in comics, and nobody seems to care. So why so much outrage at the Bat-birthday suit? If anything, Bermejo’s rendering of Batman in the buff was a rare chance at evening out the ubiquitous nudity in comics, and DC’s reneging on that seems like a backwards move.

So much for an imprint that is supposed to be “edgy and provocative.”

(via The Hollywood Reporter)