Cloverfield mystery deepens with spooky new message from "Cloverfield Energy Initiative"

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Jan 27, 2018, 11:56 AM EST (Updated)

Tagruato, the fictional Japanese mining company that sprang to internet life as part of the marketing campaign for the first Cloverfield film, is at it again. Late last night the site refreshed with a message about "The Cloverfield Energy Initiative," and the news seems bad for, you know, averting an apocalypse-like event in the Cloverfield universe, but good for fans who are hoping the film's latest release date pushback, to April 20, 2018, will be the last delay. 

The image uploaded appears to be of a much-distressed press release from the corporation, with fuzzy text that's hard to read, though words like "Shared Energy for a Shared World" are easy to make out, and if you squint you can see a mention of scientist Rafu Funaki, who a clever internet sleuth seems to have discovered was chairman of the Future Energy Development Committee in the original Cloverfield alternate reality marketing campaign. 

But that's not even the best part. Yet another extremely clever Reddit user has deciphered the scribbled message at top. Here's what they (and we believe them) think it says so far:  

"Someone needs to stop this from happening!!! This is nothing but a reckless experiment that will reset the world's grid. Stop this to save the world. T.I.D.O. Wave" 

See the enhanced image on Reddit here

The new movie, which has previously been attached to the name "God Particle," but who knows what it will end up being, is purported to be about humans on a space station who after experiments with a particle accelerator discover that the Earth has disappeared. Though, again, in the Cloverfield world, anything could happen to that plot between now and the release date. So grab yourself a Slusho or six and get ready.  




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