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Cobra Kai is heading back to the All Valley Karate Tournament

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Apr 2, 2018, 3:03 PM EDT

The latest Cobra Kai trailer gave us an introduction to the new YouTube Red original series and announced the due date. It set the tone for the series and made a couple things very clear. 1) Johnny Lawrence has a massive chip on his shoulder. 2) Daniel LaRusso is kind of a jerk, and 3) Everything old is new again.

The Cobra Kai dojo is back, Daniel's karate headband is back, and even the skeleton costume is back. 

Now, thanks to this new teaser, we know something else is back: The All Valley Karate Tournament. The ULTIMATE CHALLENGE.

The competition may be the same but the competitors are new. Johnny Lawrence is training a new group of Cobra Kai and they've taken his teachings to heart and to the leg. Based on both the first trailer and this promo, you can tell there's some real karate talent on the mats here. The big question is, will Daniel LaRusso bring Mr. Miyagi's style of karate back to take down Cobra Kai? Or will Cobra Kai show no mercy and take the whole tournament once and for all?