Colin Baker once again blasts Smith and Tennant for being 'bloody kids' and Capaldi for being 'perfect'

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Jun 23, 2014, 5:27 PM EDT (Updated)

Colin Baker is at it again: calling Matt Smith and David Tennant “bloody kids” in the role of the beloved Time Lord on Doctor Who whilst also saying that Peter Capaldi is “perfect.”

True enough, Tennant and Smith were some of the youngest Doctors ever to be cast on the beloved BBC sci-fi series (Fifth Doctor Peter Davison also belongs in that select club) -- but to once again call them “bloody kids”?  Sheesh!

At least Sixth Doctor Colin Baker also praised both actors for their performances, saying that Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and Smith’s Eleventh at least convinced him that they were playing the part of someone who was at least 900 years old going on 1000-+ years, adding:

“They have got a female market now because of those two young guys, girls are now watching it, and hopefully they will continue to once they see an older man playing the part superbly, which I absolutely know that Peter will!”

As for Peter Capaldi, who has now filled the larger-on-the-inside shoes of the Twelfth Doctor in the TARDIS, Baker had only good things to say about the Scottish actor:

“Peter is a perfect fit for the role. And if they hadn’t come up with the idea, eventually someone would have because his work leads inextricably to playing Doctor Who.”

Baker went on to say that Capaldi was a brilliant actor and that he’s absolutely delighted that he's now the Mad Man in the Big Blue Police Box, stressing the fact that Capaldi is about the same age William Hartnell was when he originated the role as the First Doctor.

Check out Colin Baker’s interview with Red Carpet News Flash:

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