Colin Farrell caught red-handed in first photo from Total Recall

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Krystal Clark
Dec 15, 2012
Are you ready for your first official look at Colin Farrell as the new Doug Quaid? He's a little thinner than Arnold Schwarzenegger's version, but Farrell's got the "what the hell's going on" stare down to a science! The new Total Recall is directed by Len Wiseman (of the Underworld series) and takes place in an area of nation-states that include Euromerica and New Shanghai. It's here that factory worker Douglas Quaid (Farrell) begins to believe that he's a spy but doesn't know which side has hired him. The first official photo from Total Recall appears in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, where Farrell describes the movie as "much less jokey" than the 1990 version. He claims that the tone will be completely different than what we saw in the past. "There's not as much tongue-in-cheek," he says. Judging from this photo, Total Recall has plenty of dark moments. It looks as if Quaid has been caught red-handed trying to escape from a couple stormtrooper knock-offs. Where is he headed? We don't know, but we're interested in finding out! Total Recall opens in theaters on Aug. 3, 2012.

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