Why was Total Recall Colin Farrell's most 'uncomfortable' movie?

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Dec 14, 2012

Colin Farrell gets to be married to Kate Beckinsale in the new remake of Total Recall, which would be a dream job if her real husband weren't standing right next to them.

At the Comic-Con presentation for the new Total Recall, Farrell joked that playing Doug Quaid was the most "uncomfortable" job he's ever taken. That's because the director, Len Wiseman, also happens to be Beckinsale's husband in real life. Imagine shooting that love scene ...

Wiseman, Farrell, Beckinsale and fellow cast members Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston and John Cho were all present at the panel, and even though the movie just started shooting, Wiseman said, "We can't show up and not show you something." So the lights went down and with a warning from Wiseman that the effects weren't finished, off we went to watch the opening scene.

And what do we get? We see Quaid going into the Rekall parlor, where Cho, playing the head technician, has barely put Quaid in the chair when he quickly determines that Quaid is a spy. Armored police come in and blast away the staff, but Farrell's super-spy powers turn on and he decimates the entire squad, then blows up the place and escapes through a shaft onto an elevated, upside-down highway (the footage turned into animated storyboards at this point).

After that, we see a quick montage of other shots that show lots of action and firepower, more armored assassins and a quick glimpse of one nasty catfight between Biel and Beckinsale.

"I was just really gripped by the direction that the material took," said Wiseman when asked about doing this remake after the lights came up. "Like many people, I wondered whether there should be a remake, but I loved the material and the Philip K. Dick story itself."

Farrell, who is the remake king at this year's Con, with both Fright Night and Total Recall here, added, "I like both films. Is it okay to say you like the old and new versions? I feel like I'm repeating myself because I said the same thing earlier [at the Fright Night panel]."

Wiseman is best known for shepherding the Underworld series to the screen, also starring his wife, but we'll have to wait until August 2012 to see whether he can successfully tackle an update of a beloved sci-fi film that's not even 25 years old.

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