Collector's Corner: Burton's Batmobile, Star Wars Sneakers + 10 more cool collectibles

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:48 AM EDT (Updated)

Got those gift cards and holiday cash burning a hole in your Levis like molecular acid melting through the Nostromo's hull?  Well we've rounded up a stellar collection of must-have action figures, desktop replicas and stylish sci-fi clothing to spend that Christmas currency on.  From a $2500 motorized Batmobile and an Apollo 11 sweatsuit to a wild Winter Soldier figure, sleek snowtrooper outfit and glowing Dark Knight collector cowl, we're ending the year with an epic explosion of awesome.   


Designed after the Caped Crusader's cruiser from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman, here's a sensational high-end scale model by Cinemaquette with some wonderful toys built into its sleek black body.  Its remote-controlled effects include pop-up machine guns with digital sound, whirring turbine exhaust enhanced with LED lights, fire and smoke, working headlights and tailights, a scaled Batman figure behind the wheel, working dashboard switches, grappling hooks and sliding cockpit door.  

Have a look at their video demonstrating the finer features of this killer Batmobile..

This radical, 29-inch replica is officially licensed by Warner Bros. and DC Comics and is limited to an elite edition of only 200 pieces.  With all the design work, assembly, electronics and fine finishing touches put into this ultimate Batmobile model, it's not surprising the price tag is $2500.  

Do you think that's a fair price for all that coolness and craftsmanship?

Still have a few bucks to spend after being blown away by that Batmobile?  Forge on for the rest of our formidable December list in the gallery below and let us know which ones will be yours!