Collector's Corner: Red Son Superman, The Vision + 10 more cool collectibles

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:21 AM EDT (Updated)

It's the end of May, and summer is stretched out on the horizon, beckoning us with all its seasonal enticements. For this month, we've sifted through the geeky sands of the collectible coastlines to carry back an eye-catching assortment of must-have gems, including our spotlight Red Son Superman sculpture, one jaw-dropping Vison figure, a wicked Immortan Joe mask from Mad Max: Fury Road, a battling Batman versus The Mutant box set, the coolest Death Star beachball ever, Star Wars purses, an Arkham Knight assassin and much more. 

Slather on some sunscreen and slip on those shades to browse this batch of nerdish novelties.


Bow down to this noble 1/4-scale sculpture of Superman from Mark Millar's acclaimed 2003 Elseworld's mini-series, Red Son, wherein the Last Son of Krypton was reinvisioned as a protector of Mother Russia instead of Good Ol' America.  He stands an imposing 25 inches tall, decked out in the militaristic crimson and gray colors of the Soviet Empire, proudly emblazoned with his beloved homeland's sickle and hammer emblem.

Sideshow's commanding Comrade of Steel is carefully cast in premium polystone by an exacting team of 14 artists and painters.  Infused with an iron glare and indomitable will, he fights the never-ending battle for Stalin, socialism and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact, soon to be joined by his ally Wonder Woman and the vigilante Batmankoff.  Weighing 15 pounds, this Soviet Superman demands a prominent spot in your collection and, at a price of $469.99, a serious commitment from your bank account.  Pre-order now for a June 2016 delivery.

Still starstruck after your encounter with that radiant Red Son Superman?  Shake it off and check out our full gallery of May collectibles below.