Collector's Corner: Sensational Serenity model + 11 more cool collectibles

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Oct 30, 2014, 12:04 PM EDT

For this month's Collector's Corner feature, we've scoured the farthest nether regions of the cyberworld to bring you a deep dimension of collectibles from Sideshow Collectibles, QMx, Hot Toys and more.  From our spotlight must-have goodie, an eye-popping Serenity film-scale model, to a sweet Destiny Thorn gun replica, Han Solo, RoboCop and Deadpool figures, a statuesque Batgirl and zombie cutting boards, we've got you covered like a pair of comfy Bat-slippers.

Join us on a nerdy shopping spree staring into the wild windows of sci-fi, horror and fantasy.


We first showed you a sneak peek at this stellar Serenity scale model from Joss Whedon's Firefly, and now that prototype has become a reality.  We're totally spaced out over this ravishing film-scale replica, crafted from more than 250 laser-cut parts and finished to sublime perfection by the brilliant artists at QMx.  This beauty is a looker from any angle and is an exact replica of the 1:124 scale 3D cinematic model of Captain Mal's elegant star cruiser used for the 2005 feature film.  

Each massive Artisan Serenity is hand-assembled in an exacting process that takes more than 130 hours, which explains the monster price tag of $7,495!  Only true Browncoats with ultra-deep pockets need apply, but this is one incredible collectible we can stare in awe at for hours on end.

These images convey the astonishing detail accomplished in this ultimate Serenity model.  The shiny exterior was finished with 25 different paint colors and includes no decals.  Everything was hand-painted!  Interior illumination is powered by a 12-volt system lighting up over 100 LED bulbs.

Magnificent details include a miniature bridge with crew members, cargo bay with operating door, furnished galley and hinged vent reactor covers with twinkling firefly lighting effects and hard burn glow.  Each made-to-order Artisan Serenity comes with an adjustable 12-inch steel display stand and will be carefully packed in foam inside a hand-built wooden apple crate.  Are you still drooling?

To pre-order this impressive masterpiece visit the QMx site here.

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